I was inspired of the idea of creating virtual worlds since my childhood. When I got the computer I almost instantly started to move that way.

I learned Windows Office and Administrative Tweaks at 2003. Got to the internet at 2004. And that is when I discovered GameMaker engine.

Here is my games mostly created with GameMaker - a game constructor tool.

Solar - 2010

While creating Space Strike, I still dreamed of my favourite game - Space Rangers. So, on that summer I wrote a simple space game - Solar System Simulator which is unlike rangers is real-time, but the general idea is the same. Planets are all astronomically placed and it's orbital characteristics are preciously matched to the original.

Gameplay is rangers like. You control your space craft, flying among planets, take different missions and gathering drop. Everything is real-time. Basic equipment is classic - weapons, shields, engine. There are also NPCs such as traders, fighters and pirates. Traders just fly among planets, while pirates hunting them down. Fighters protect traders from pirates cause fighters are well armed. As a player you can gain reputation of either a fighter/trader side or pirate. This allows you to land on their fraction's basses and planets and get unique equipment or missions.

Once again this game allows you to create your own solar system with custom planets and it's animation. Working on this project I was so inspired by Star Trek, Space Rangers and Freelancer.

Still, by this time all my games was just a single player fun. As I studied networking at the university, I wondered to make solar multilayer. And that's where it became obvious that GameMaker engine is no longer a choice to do that. Solar GameMaker game, though, does have a network prototype but it is really row.

In order to make solar multilayer I learned how to work with C# and Unity3D. And it became even more obvious that such a game project would require a lot of time to finish it. I've wrote a simple server-client game client and decided to put away this idea, cause I got more beneficial work for next year. That work is Rays and GCP interface tool I coded for SDL.

Solar was coded on GameMaker8.

Download link:
v1.02 Solar: Solar-Rus-102.rar
Tech Release: SolarTech.rar
Game Music: solar_music.rar
Contact: @wdimitry

System requirements:
Win-XP / VMWare win-xp / wine-5.0

Now imagine the possibilities if you put a game economy on blockchain and part of game economy logic into smartcontracts. An open world X-Universe kind of game backed by smart contracts and transaction run on blockchain.

Muhtar Advantures - 2011

I had actually got to Gamedev industry that spring as I was invited to finish that project as a main programmer. I would say I have had actually to complete nearly entire game campaign in three month. Well, this game is a quest-adventure. It is semi-3d. Main character is walking on a 3-dimension environment while the room itself is a static picture and sprites are having it's Z value.

Player's character could interact with things just like in other quest games and solve different puzzles in order to complete the game storyline which is narrowed in game dialogues.

This project was my first experience of working in company of people and creating a game. Muhtar Adventures was coded on WinterMute engine.

Download link: Muhtar_And_His_Team

Space Strike - 2007-2010

After some reviews of my previous game I decided to create more complex and serious game. So now the content is all unique. (Thanks to my friend Michael, who made all of this beautiful sprites). The idea is the same - space arcade scroller. Now player has three different stages each consists of three levels and unique bosses and enemies on every stage of the game among with unique backgrounds and tile map.

Players could upgrade their weapons up to five times and got them even more powerful. Each weapon having its unique way of destroying the enemies. Also there are lots of bonuses dropped from enemies such as shields, auto turret, energy pack and health restore.

The main feature of this game is completely modable engine which is possible to create by GameMaker7's on-the-fly code compilation. A part of the source code of the game such as enemy behaviour scripts are placed in game data folder. So you can tweak and even create your own enemy types with it! Also this game has a mission level editor as we had to place creative tile set structures on a background to make the game more dynamic.

The game Solar and Space Strike soundtrack is composed by me using FL Studio. The game itself is created on GameMaker7.

Download link:
Space Strike RUS: StrikeFullReleaseRUS_21_11_2012.rar
Space Strike ENG: StrikeFullReleaseENG_21_11_2012.rar

NBA2 MOD - 2008

That time we had having fun with Naruto Battle Arena 2 fighting while I discovered that it could be simply moded. Hell, yeah. There are tons of different characters for that fighting game but they all are imbalanced. So what I did was a little balance to the game among with new animations (which I grabbed from sprites that I discovered in net) and characters abilities.

I would have to say the game with my MOD became much more fun. Cause now things like IMBA shureken was removed and each character special abilities and punch speed was rebalanced through hardly testing with my friends. So it is not imba to other characters fighting style anymore. The moded chars are Naruto, Sasuke (2), Neiji and some of Rock Lee.

This game is constructed with M.U.G.E.N fighting game tool.

Download link:
Naruto Battle Arena MOD:

Star Lancer - 2005-2006

This was my first creation. Since I got to GameMaker, I discovered a great world of programming and creativity. I used sprites from favourite game Galaxy to create something similar. But this time the story and gameplay was completely mine. Well sort of. I was also inspired by StarScape, so I have joined two of this games features together.

The game consist of two different modes. First one is Global Starscape map with systems as levels. Each belongs to it's coloured zones. Player choose the level then his ship flies to that system and game begins as a scroller-arcade where up-down-left-right controls are available. There are no turn back. You can fly from system to system only forward and some times you have to choose your path. When you reach the end of coloured nebula zone you have to fight the boss. After that you can hyper jump to new nebula zone with new enemies and levels. As player fights depending on his score his weapons are upgraded. This arcade mode is also available as survival mod.

The second mode is Galaxy mod. Now fighters are moving only left and right and so do the enemies. So levels are now stages. You have to complete three levels within one stage and then fight the boss to go to the next stage and levels. This gameplay mode consist of 5 stages (if I am not mistaken) and it was inspired by Space Oddy gamemaker game.

StarLancer was created on GameMaker6.

Download link:
Star Lancer: